Module 1
Effective Leadership and Change in Education
This module will address the nature and practice of leadership in higher education. It will broadly look at the following six themes through series of expert lectures:
  • Concepts of leadership - Personal leadership and Management skills
  • Change Management - Improvement in Curriculum and pedagogy, Improving the student experience, International experiences
  • Leadership qualities, behaviors and competencies - Higher Education for economic development
  • Power and authority - Financial Management and Planning, Governance
  • Organizational cultures and distributed leadership - Quality enhancement and assurance
  • Professional development – Strategic Planning, Crisis Management
  • Leaders of next generation Universities
  • Charismatic or transformational leadership

Issues in Educational Leadership
This practice module is designed to meet practical needs in educational leadership. Module will consist of identification of these needs, through the process of self and organizational analysis, or through continuous reflection on individual and organizational needs throughout the programme. The practice module will involve Group Activity, Role Playing, Group Leadership etc.
Module 2
Practical and Topical Case Studies
The module will address the essential features of effective learning, as relevant to personal domain of work by examining through series of expert lectures:
  • The process of learning
  • Supporting learning (for example, through experts, peers and technology) both within and beyond the educational organization
  • An overview of approaches to improvement and raising achievement in educational organizations
  • Monitoring and evaluation of learning: the use of data, target-setting, monitoring
  • University wellness measure and its adaptation
  • Well-being of organizational personnel
  • Index based performance monitoring of organization to be Institution of Eminence
  • Building a new organization

Practice Based Exploration
This practice module will help participants in active critical consideration of leadership in relation to professional context mapping and own workplace.
These processes will be achieved through:
  • Conceptualizing different kinds of possibilities relevant to work-based understanding and development (purposes, processes, contexts, dilemmas, outcomes)
  • Examining a range of approaches with an emphasis on action research
  • Sharing the perspectives with other participants
Module 3
Project Based Learning
This project module is all about researching and writing of a substantive essay within the field of the programme for the Institution. The topic will normally be based on interests and skills participant have developed in the course of the modules already studied. The Project will involve stages
  • Preliminary Proposal Preparation
  • Intermittent submission of the Proposal and
  • Final proposal evaluation through peer reviews at all stages.